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Together, we can tackle child abuse

Background and aims

Together, we can tackle child abuse is a Government campaign to raise awareness and encourage members of the public to report child abuse and neglect. The campaign aims to encourage the public to report their concerns in order to get help to children more quickly. We aim to create a new social norm around reporting and tackle the barriers that stop people taking action.


Our core audience is parents aged 25-40. Research shows that this group is most likely to feel confident about reporting and can therefore be nudged into action. The campaign will serve as a reminder to professionals such as teachers and healthcare professionals who work with children, of their safeguarding responsibilities.


Research for this campaign has shown that if people feel they are part of their community’s response to child abuse and neglect, this reduces their fear of reporting and encourages them to report. Our messaging will therefore reassure the public that the information they give is usually part of the bigger picture. We want to reassure the public that anything they notice can help a child at risk and that ‘if they think it, report it’.

‘A national moment’

In March, we will be launching a national radio partnership. This will deliver the campaign messages far and wide and provide the opportunity to create a real ‘national moment’ that gets the country talking about the issue. 

Campaign toolkit

This toolkit includes ready-to-use materials including printable campaign leaflets and engaging digital graphics which can be shared on social media.


Local authorities, LSCBs, charities, schools, NHS Trusts, CCGs, housing associations, police forces, community groups and other organisations can all use the toolkit to deliver the campaign. Please share the toolkit with relevant partners who have safeguarding responsibilities or may want to raise awareness of this important issue.


To download the campaign toolkit head to the 'Download toolkit' section of the site.


Find out more about the campaign here.


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